The Best Investment

element-watercolour1-100L  For Memories that will last a lifetime  element-watercolour1-100R

We offer a fantastic range of bespoke options to customise your service and make it as individual as you are.

element-watercolour3LWedding Videography Priceselement-watercolour3 

A complete videography service- watercolour text

element-watercolour3LYour Wedding optionselement-watercolour3 

All editing versions feature time-shifting, full sound mixing and expert colour grading for polished and professional results.

element-watercolour2-LTrailer/ Highlights 

Your trailer will capture the essence of your day in a 3–5 minute edit.


A short-form, highly edited film of your wedding, using key elements and memorable moments from the day. The short-edit typically lasts around 20–30 minutes.


If you prefer, the full edit (60-90 minutes) of your wedding video is also available for you to choose from.

element-watercolour2-LYour personal online wedding page 

You will receive your own private page, here on the Artis Cinema website. Your page will be designed and customised exclusively for you.

Each personalised page is password protected and hidden from the search engines for optimum privacy and security.

From your page you can view, download and share all your films, including the full-edit, short-edit and highlights. You can watch them on your PC, laptop or mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones (wi-fi connection required).

Your page will be accessible to anyone with log-in details, anywhere in the world, so you can share it with friends and relatives across the UK and overseas.

element-watercolour2-LYour personal back-up disk 

You will also receive your videos on an external hard drive for you to keep.

From this drive you can view your videos and make as many copies as you need.