All about Artis Cinema !

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, we know that that can be stressful. The most important thing to us is that you have happy memories of the day, so the best way to be calm is to be informed! I have put together a list of frequently asked and important but less asked questions to give you a better idea of who we are and what we do. I hope this helps you start on your amazing journeys!

  • How many crew members will be at the wedding?

At the pre-wedding ceremonies just myself but operating two cameras a full view and a creative angle.

At the wedding and reception there will be 2-3 people to shoot a few angles and allow for creative angles and close ups.

  • How intrusive is it?

If you’re wondering how involved we get on the actual day, we try to be not intrusive but capture all necessary moments at the same time. It is challenging- but we like challenge. No wedding is the same

  • How much of the day do you film?

We’re with you from the very start, from the bride/groom preparations up to the very end.  Prep shoots give a great start to the editing process, it shows the moment when the bride and groom are just about to start their new journey. To capture the incomparable excitement in their eyes is the beauty of videography.

  • What is your filming style?

Our style can be described as creatively journalistic. During the day we document as much as we can, the way it is really happening to give it authenticity. However, we are always looking for creative angles and opportunities to show the big moment in all its glory.

Personally prefer my long distance lens where I can shoot people from the other end of the room chatting, mingling, partying, reactions to the wows or wedding ceremonies. When people are not aware they are being filmed, that’s when they are most natural.

During the day we make sure we have enough time with the couple to get great couple shots. We will direct you to get scenes that we feel show your personalities, but we are also more than happy to use just natural reactions, the details are what matter to us. Hands touching, walking together, laughing, the way the groom looks at the bride, the natural reactions create the most beautiful and truthful picture of the bride and groom. We know that our clients are not actors, and being in front of the camera is not easy, but with our approachable style there is nothing to fear. We will work with you so you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the day.

  • How much experience have you had filming wedding videos?

We’ve been filming predominantly Asian weddings since 2011 and a lot has changed since then. Our equipment has grown with our experience, back then we only had one Canon 60d dslr camera. They were challenging times but great fun and they inspired us to keep on going.

  • How why did you get started in wedding videography

We got our start in videography purely by coincidence, when our baby boy Samuel was about to be born, we bought our first camera to record all those precious moments. Kris began editing the home made videos to send back to our family in Poland, and between us we developed our skills in the art. One day, Samuel’s child-minder had a party at her premises and we took the camera along to record the occasion. One of the parents then asked us to record a surprise party she was planning, we had no experience and literally no equipment but we always rise to a challenge! So we agreed and went home to research audio and lighting equipment. We bought our first kit and the shoot went so well we had another request for the following week! Since then the recommendations never really stopped coming our way.

The venues have changed, expectations have risen, we’ve gone from parties to amazing weddings and receptions but the excitement and passion is still the same – if not bigger! No wedding is the same, new people, new challenges, we simply like what we do and we do it with great passion.

I hope this has given you a useful insight into Artis Cinema, of course if this has made you think of new questions or if you just want to have a chat then feel free to contact us, We’re here for you!

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